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If you are looking for sun, beaches and exoticism, Connection Sahara offers you sojourns throughout the entire Moroccan Atlantic coast starting from any departure city.

The Kingdom of Morocco is crossed by a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. From the calm waters of the Mediterranean with its beaches of fine sand until the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with its wild beaches. We have a great variety of offer in hotels resorts, inns and bungalows for you to dedicate your holiday in the sun and to supplement it with cultural visits to the surrounding populations.


If you surf, the Moroccan Atlantic coast you will conquer with its winds and waves, in a relaxed atmosphere and with the fortune of having in our land as incredible as Dakhla or the beach of the Gezira in Sidi Ifni, with its majestic cathedrals that hamper the bravo sea.


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