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Yoga seminars, meditation and Reiki practices - If you want to isolate yourself from the world in the Sahara Desert, Connection Sahara will help you find desert retreats where you will be able to develop any personal or spiritual therapy, either individually or in groups.

We opened the doors to a place where our ear listens to the silence, where our view is blind to the vision infinity of the sea golden sand, where our understanding disappears before the absolute milky way and where our touch connects us directly between the energy of the sand and the relentless sun.

We open the doors to places where the force of nature can be seen between virgin mountains and valleys bloom full of life that arise hidden among the ochre and arid mountains of southern Morocco.


We offer trips to all persons or groups who want to experience their connection with life regardless of their doctrine, teaching or therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will discover an endless array of connection possibilities in Morocco.


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